Model with Black Accessories: $9,600 USD
Model with Chrome Accessories: $9,800 USD

Model with Black Accessories: $9,600 USD

Model with Chrome Accessories: $9,800 USD

Model with Black Accessories
$9,600 USD

Model with Chrome Accessories
$9,800 USD

*Prices are FOB, Tampa, Florida

List of standard features

Experience true sidecar luxury with Velorex 565. Ideal for long rides in the best comfort.

Easy access

The Velorex 565 has a useful hinged opening in the front to allow for easy access entry to the sidecar.

Comfortable ride

Premium interior with a comfortable seat made out of synthetic leather and lumbar support. Chrome handle for the passenger and lot of legroom.

More space for stuff

With a large trunk in the back of every the Velorex 565, you can take as much stuff on the road as you need. The trunk area is lockable for added security of your cargo.

Front brush guard

Get increased safety and defining looks with a front brush guard. Comes standard in chrome for the Velorex 565.

Luggage rack

Take even more stuff with you with a stylish luggage rack at the back of the sidecar. Comes standard in chrome for the Velorex 565.

Tonneau cover

Protect the inside of your sidecar from the weather when parked or riding empty with our useful tonneau cover. Comes standard with every Velorex sidecar.

Stylish windshield

The practical and stylish windshield offers a nice look and protects the passenger from the wind while riding.

Technical specifications

Velorex 565 sidecar is a one-seat sidecar fittable to most motorcycles. The body and fender are made from fiberglass, finished in high gloss black paint.

The 565 is easy to get in and out of with its easy access entry. 

Inside the sidecar, you can find an anatomically shaped seat made from premium leather with height-adjustable lumbar support. The premium synthetic leather interior also features a nice finish on the sides with useful pockets for storing items.

Behind the seat is a large luggage trunk, secured with a lock. Removable carpet on the floor. Every sidecar is also equipped with a chrome handle in front of the passenger.

The sidecar chassis is made from a reinforced tubular frame and features a swingarm with a 20 mm axle, and a progressive shock-absorber with a stiffness setting. There is also a large running board in front of the fender to allow the sidecar occupant to get in and out of the sidecar easier.

Velorex 565 features a stronger chassis, wide fender, wide wheel, and large running board.

Width: 32.28 in
Length: 75.98 in
Height: 43.7 in
Dry weight: 176 lb
Trunk volume: 3.0 cubic ft.
Brake: mechanical drum
Tire size: 130/90 x 16"

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